The Music Realm

Not only is music our pride and joy, but it is also a huge crowd pleaser! In The Music Realm, we embrace how you listen to your music!

​Our Services

The Education Realm 1.0

The Education Realm 1.0 allows users to work and learn inside a complete virtual environment where the user is immersed inside a virtual world.

The Theatre Realm

Powered by several engines including the recommendation engine, consciousness engine, and the reality engine, The Theater Realm showcases an intermediary distribution platform and is the premier boutique content curator in the virtual reality space.

The BoardAPP

The BoardAPP is a board of trustee's cloud agnostic ‘opulent’ managing application that is dedicated to assisting board members with their meetings from various devices securely. Find out more by contacting us at

The Travel Realm

Using our unique technology, people will be able to travel to different locations and feel as if they are truly there; whether it be walking along the Great Wall of China, looking at the beautiful exotic plant life on the islands of Hawaii, or viewing historic artwork in the Louvre of France. You can now enjoy your world like no other!

The Healthcare Realm

The Healthcare Realm provides doctors and their patients a new way to view their data. With the help of The Healthcare Realm, doctors can experience a new and improved way to train and perfect their craft.

The Military Realm

Virtual Reality is well known throughout the world and requires a large amount of graphical details for soldiers who are training in advanced cloud-based training environments. Our high level of graphics in our VR will allow these trainees to feel as if they are in a more naturalistic environment (as if they are truly on the field or in a classroom during their virtual reality training experience).

And more...

These are just some of our realms  (software), but we have many others, such as The Shopping Realm and The Air Force Realm. We don't just provide virtual reality and augmented reality; we also serve as a multi-platform that connects diverse groups of individuals from any part of the world with our advanced applications like CloudSheet.

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